Renewing Old Ties

We invited the New London submarine commanders to a cocktail party at the Nautilus Memorial this afternoon.  I explained why I had written the book –the perceived rise of China and Russia, the impending budget battles within the Navy over the shipbuilding account and the recapitalization of the Trident force (similar issues to those Admiral Rickover faced forty years ago).  In addition, there is the current press focus on nuclear culture issues in the Air Force and Navy as well as the  impending assignment of women to attack submarines.

I also mentioned that the book documents events with Admirals Rickover, Zumwalt, Wilkinson and Kin McKee, all key figures in the development of the submarine force, that I am probably the only person available to record.

Attendance was minimal, although Linda and I did have a great conversation with Captain Dennis McKelvey followed by dinner with Admiral Dave Goebel and Earline, his spouse of fifty years.  The meal was excellent, as were the stories, except for the overabundance of barbs relative to who had spent most of the time caring for our respective families and who had been “relaxing” at sea.


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