Against the Tide published

Against the Tide: Rickover’s Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy was released 15 November. John Hamre, the former Deputy Secretary of Defense (current President of the Center for Strategy and International Studies), sponsored my first book signing event the next week at his new building off Dupont Circle. Peter and Mary Rose Hughes followed with a private dinner at the Army Navy Club in DC and Airbus America (Allen McArtor and Ralph Crosby) scheduled and introduced me to the team in Herndon, Virginia. I also had the opportunity to deliver a copy to the Chief of Naval Operations (Admiral Jon Greenert). I had given a copy to the Admiral (John Richardson) responsible for all Naval nuclear matters earlier in the month.

This week I will talk about Admiral Rickover, management, leadership and culture change in the birthplace of the submarine force — New London, Connecticut — the place where Admiral Rickover served in submarines, as did I thirty years later. This hills around these towns are rich in history for the submarine force and our nation as well as for my book and me. I was the Engineer Officer on the nuclear submarine now a monument here, both our sons were born here, and my wife graduated from Connecticut College (for Women then, no longer), which lies across the river from the submarine base.

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  1. Enjoyed your book and had a deeper look at the nuclear navy . While involved with the build of four nuclear boats and the Truxton DLG(N)35, I now have a better feel for the culture change and commitment by the crews


    • Tom,

      Thanks for your comments. Each of us left some of the best of ourselves in every one of those projects. Fair winds.

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