Dave’s diverse career has included extensive experience in government and industry as well as the military. He and his wife, Linda, now live on the West Coast.

Immediately before he retired, Dave was the  CEO of the EADS North America Defense Company. Before that Dave was in Iraq where Paul (Jerry) Bremer selected him to become the Director of Management and Budget for the Coalition Forces.

Previously, Dave served in the Clinton Administration as Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, a position the President appointed him to while Dave was worked as an executive at Northrop Grumman Corporation following a thirty-two year career in the Navy.



Bronze Rules on Leadership

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Venture capitalists often are the most difficult men and women to be defined. This is true of Bob McCormack, who found time to serve the Reagan and Bush Administrations while he was also helping build … Read More >>



Admiral Jim Hogg.

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Admiral Jim Hogg was the Commander of the Seventh Fleet and then Director of Naval Warfare the two times I worked for him. He also served as the US Representative to the NATO Military Committee. … Read More >>