The Birth of Nuclear Power

It has been instructive the last two years to watch Michael Pack (and his spouse, Gina) put together the Rickover documentary which showed on PBS tonight. Just as photographic art differs from the stokes that create a watercolor, a film-maker approaches his subject differently than a writer. Since Mike and I met only after we had chosen the same subject and begun our work, I found it interesting to watch how we choose different facets of the Admiral’s life and personality to polish in order to best reflect the story we saw.

Nice work, Michael and Gina!

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  1. I work for a public company CEO who is a nuclear navy alum (Douglas Valenti). Therefore your book caught my eye. Received it Friday, read it over the weekend, and gave it to him today. One of the best management books I have ever read, and a succinct history of the nuclear navy and its place within the armed forces. Thank you. Will order a copy for my college roommate’s father Stephen Clarey. The back cover suggests you reside in Northern California, as do I (San Mateo). If you are ever willing and able to meet I’d like that. May bring my son as well (after he reads your book). Regards – Marty Collins

    • Marty,

      I live in Trinidad (just north of Eureka) and my wife and I drive to SFran every couple of months to see my sister in San Rafael. We will next be passing through (headed north) on Friday, 29 May. Want to have lunch in San Mateo somewhere? Please shift to my regular email address for your reply as i will be on travel (


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