Intent to Betray released 8 June

The appeal of “Camelot” is not the lovely ladies, the swelling music, the pastel of the background or the men’s armor. It was instead the morality of the mission and the sense of shared sacrifice of the warriors.

I have been fortunate to serve since I left home at seventeen. Never did I feel more valuable to America’s security than the year when I sat at the table that directed the United States’ largest assemblage of ships, Marines and aircraft — The United States Seventh Fleet. It was my Camelot.

The Seventh Fleet is responsible for all the existing and potential hot spots in the Pacific — the water expanses near Korea, Russia, China, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. Asia is as different from Europe as Night is from Day. I have frequently said that if an officer had a “story” in his background or a tatoo on his butt, the powers that be shipped him from Europe to be part of our staff. We welcomed those officers. We needed those with an edge.

Intent to Betray is about what it might have been like to be there one year.

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