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If you knew her father, and spend time around Navy citizens, you eventually meet Ann Zumwalt Cuppola. Just as inevitably, you are impressed. She is a chip off both her Mother’s and Father’s blocks. We are both familiar with many of the same people and challenges. I shared a draft of this book with her. She returned the following:

An irresitible page-turner of compelling vignettes which give detailed insights into high stakes historical drama. What can be learned? An eyelevel sketch of rationales of creative risk takers whose individuality and personality stepped out from the norm of institutional or society’s mold and pushed for change and transformation.   We are given decades of accumulated wisdom of the author and those mentors from whom he learned – Rickover, Zumwalt, Rumsfeld…… Through the internal periscope of their successes and failures, we are compelled to assess the inventory of our own individual strengths, the weakness of our strengths, or perhaps even the strength of our individual weaknesses.

Ann Zumwalt

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