Against the Tide in 3rd Printing; San Diego Plans

Which will be out in February, but the publisher (Naval Institute Press) told me yesterday he still has 300 copies of the second printing available.

Linda and I are firming up our San Diego plans (7-12 February) if there are any groups in that area who would like us to speak.

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  1. Dave: I was married to Winifred Bonney and met you folks sometime around 2003. Winifred died in 2009.
    I am recommending a good friend of Winifred’s and mine: MCPO(SS) Hank Buermeyer USN(Ret) at He is teaching a course at Darthmouth on Rickover this fall and has been quizzing me on my experiences with the Admiral. Your book fulfills a lot of what I thought should have been made available to the world from his management skills (no pun intended). I will pass this site to Hank so he can check in. Thanks, Scott

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