Against the Tide in 3rd Printing; San Diego Plans

Posted on by Dave Oliver

Which will be out in February, but the publisher (Naval Institute Press) told me yesterday he still has 300 copies of the second printing available.

Linda and I are firming up our San Diego plans (7-12 February) if there are any groups in that area who would like us to speak.

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  1. Scott A Chester 56 says:

    Dave: I was married to Winifred Bonney and met you folks sometime around 2003. Winifred died in 2009.
    I am recommending a good friend of Winifred’s and mine: MCPO(SS) Hank Buermeyer USN(Ret) at He is teaching a course at Darthmouth on Rickover this fall and has been quizzing me on my experiences with the Admiral. Your book fulfills a lot of what I thought should have been made available to the world from his management skills (no pun intended). I will pass this site to Hank so he can check in. Thanks, Scott

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